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        2. Corrugated carton packing

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          Packing belt


          Packing belt is a good tensile, packing material welding performance is strong, has the good ability to maintain tension, a good package after the long time does not relax, so as to ensure the goods with superior impact resistance in the long-distance transportation, can be directly packaged goods will not be damaged or corroded, good flexibility, operation convenient and safe, can keep good stability, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, Recyclable use.

          Base material (Basement): polypropylene plastic

          Color (Color): color (multicolor)

          Width (Width) 6mm---19mm

          Thickness (Thickness) 0.055mm---1.6mm

          Elongation (Elongation) 10.75%

          Resistance to tension (Tensile) >=68N/25mm

          Fracture rate (Fracture force): 103.603kgf

          Displacement (Displacement): 6.038mm

          1. Good plasticity, strong tensile strength, corrosion resistance, bending fatigue, and good tensile impact.

          2, the appearance is beautiful, the color and lustre is bright, can customize the color and the pattern.

          3, good resilience, high strength, good water resistance, chemical resistance and soft soft soft, can be handmade and machine bundled.

          4. It is in conformity with the environmental standards of the packaging materials in Europe and America.

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