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          Iron frame


          Iron rack is a practical logistics turnover device, mainly used for the storage and mechanized turnover of heavy or large articles, especially for automotive, home appliances, machinery and hardware industries.

          The support of the iron rack is mainly made of square tubes, steel plates or steel nets on the frame, and the solid steel shelves are stable at the bottom, such as channel steel and flat iron, etc. it can be made to be stacked or foldable according to actual needs, and can be transported by forklift trucks. The iron rack has a variety of structural forms, including open, plate, net, fixed and dismantled. The size and size of the iron frame is more flexible and changeable, and can be designed and made according to the special needs. It is suitable for various use occasions. The iron rack is increasingly becoming the standard warehouse logistics equipment for manufacturing enterprises, especially in automobile auto parts industry.

          HangYu heavy packing iron rack can meet the customer's all kinds of standards (color, shape, size, structure, function, etc.); meet the quantity and weight of accommodating parts; combined with ergonomic design in structure (access location and mode); according to the sample number, die design; selection of EVA materials based on reinforcing plate the shape, mold making joint placed fixed block.

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