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          Storage cage


          Storage cage, also known as warehouse cage and butterfly cage, is a very important logistics container in warehousing and transportation. It has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, stacking and tidiness, storage at a glance, convenient inventory, and so on. At the same time, it also improves the effective utilization of storage space. The storage cage can be folded freely, and the storage space can be saved when it is not used. In addition, the product is durable, easy to transport and can be used repeatedly. It can effectively reduce the manpower consumption and packaging cost of the storage enterprises. This product can be used not only in factory production shops, but also in supermarkets as a display of promotion and storage, and can be used outdoors. The improved storage cage can be put on shelves, pipelining and stacking: the storage cage with wheels can be conveniently and quickly turnover in the workshop, and storage cage with PVC or iron plate can prevent small parts from missing.

          Storage cage used in three ways: one is the belt wheel storage cage used turnover use, two is with the foot storing cage can pile up can be three shelves, storage cage pulley feet can be dual-use.

          The usual specifications of the storage cage are: 1200*1000 or 1000*800, other specifications can be customized, and can also be customized with and without wheels.

          1. the high quality steel is welded by cold rolling and hardened, with high strength and large loading capacity.

          2. specifications are unified, the capacity is fixed, the storage of the goods is clear at a glance, and the inventory is easy to be clear.

          3. surface galvanized, beautiful antioxidation, long service life.

          4. using international standards, can be used with containers, effectively improve the utilization of space.

          5. can stack four layers with each other to achieve stereoscopic storage.

          6. environmental protection treatment, health immunity, turnover, storage recycling do not pollute the environment.

          7. with the forklift, cattle, lifts, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.

          8. folding structure, low cost of recovery, is a substitute for wood packing box.

          9. wheels can be installed at the bottom, and the inside of the factory is very convenient.

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