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          Liquid packing box


          By the end of 2008, HangYu successfully developed HD Paper IBC packaging liquid packaging box, fill the vacancy of domestic development and production of corrugated cardboard liquid packaging box. HD Paper IBC (medium bulk container) material is used to use a food class polyethylene liquid bag, corrugated cardboard as a peripheral, plywood or solid wood as a tray.

          HangYu packaging IBC liquid packaging box use range:

          Add the liquid food ingredients: (sterile) juice, dairy products, edible oil, water, juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, alcoholic beverages;

          Non hazardous liquid chemicals, new: (sterile) juice, dairy products, edible oil, water, alcoholic beverages, soy sauce, fish sauce, adhesive, printing ink, surface active agent, glycerin, cleaning agent, emulsion, paint;

          Solid: IQF food, coffee powder sugar, rice, spice, powder cleaning agent, plastic resin, fine chemical.

          1. Substitution: common filling equipment can be used to replace iron bucket, lead barrel and plastic bucket very easily.

          2, easy to operate: the main material is paper, light weight, can be operated by one person independently, reducing human cost.

          3., environmental protection: the main material is recyclable, biodegradable material, so it will not cause pollution to the environment, nor do we need to pay extra for recycling.

          4, can be printed: the box can be printed beautifully.

          5, flexibility: a variety of specifications can be selected, large quantity can be customized special specifications.

          HANGYU IBC is a disposable economic packing box for packaging of liquid products and non dangerous chemicals.

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